Our Sustainability Commitment


Forever Starts With Our Choices Today

As North America’s Supplier of Choice for specialty steel tubing, Webco has a responsibility to help ensure a green future through social responsibility, global compliance, and the reduction of energy use, waste, and pollution. Our in-house experts have set objectives and targets for reducing our impact on our communities and our planet.

Some ways Webco accomplishes our sustainability objectives include:

  • Reusing water in subsequent processes
  • Investing in infrastructure to minimize and/or eliminate the generation of waste
  • Eliminating the use of toxic solvents
  • Robust recycling program
  • Substituting reusable absorbent materials for disposable absorbents
  • Minimize/repurpose/recycling scrap metal
  • Optimizing chemical processes to reduce the quantity of raw material used
  • Prioritization and utilization of inland waterways for material shipments to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Investment in energy-efficient welding technologies
  • Committed to cultivating enduring economic sustainability
  • Committed to a lower hurdle rate (IRR) for optional environmental projects

In addition, everyone at Webco must strictly follow all environmental rules, policies, and procedures set internally and adhere to all EPA rules and regulations.

Building a Forever Company for our people, partners, and planet means making deliberate choices at every level of Webco, from the shop floor to the executive office. We understand our responsibility to and impact on the world in which we operate and are committed to making the right choices today to protect the environment and serve our communities tomorrow.