Product Characteristics

Product Characteristics

Delivering superior tube products requires innovative equipment and know-how. Webco gets the details right, developing tubular products with precision dimensional and straightness tolerances in a range of surface finish options.


Fatigue Life

Webco's broad range of testing capabilities includes low and high cycle fatigue testing of tubing for cyclic applications. Webco tests to ASTM and customer standards, as specified, ensuring products meet your requirements.
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When tubing requires significant cold forming, high ductility, strong ERW welds and sound quality steel are all recommended. Webco's capabilities include optional thermal treatments, enabling customers to specify mechanical properties tailored for successful cold forming.
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Applications requiring fabrication of steel tubing often face a delicate balance between machinability and product performance. Webco offers solutions to enhance work-piece machining properties by controlling mechanical properties (specifically surface hardness, yield and ultimate tensile strength) along with microstructure, grain size and chemical composition.
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Orbital Welding

Webco utilizes both autogenous and filler wire orbital welding techniques to join shorter coiled tube segments in order to achieve lengths up to 100,000 feet (30,000 meters). Our in-house capability to X-ray all strip splice and orbital welds assures the best quality and most efficient control of the process.
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Precision Tolerancing

Whether direct-welded or drawn-over-mandrel, Webco's in-house tooling and process engineering is ready to take on demanding applications where tight control of diameter, wall thickness and length is required.
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Straightness / Total Indicator Run-Out

As a leader in the driveline tubing industry, Webco demonstrates many advanced capabilities for controlling straightness.
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Surface Finish

Webco provides a wide range of surface finish options to fit many different customer needs, depending on the end use of the tubing or pipe.
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