Surface Finish

Webco provides a wide range of surface finish options to fit many different customer needs, depending on the end use of the tubing or pipe.

Carbon Steel and DOM Products
Webco’s annealing and cold drawing processes enable it to create a wide variety of surface finishes on its carbon steel and DOM products. The cold drawing process has the ability to maintain smooth OD and ID tube surfaces, as well as keep tight dimensional tolerances.

Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys
Webco manufactures stainless steel tubing to a wide variety of customer surface finish requirements. Our world-class mills produce tubing with consistent surface finishes, which provide excellent performance in many different environments and applications.

Webco offers the following thermal treatment processes to produce customers’ desired surface finish.

  • Bright Anneal: Webco utilizes annealing atmospheres, which create surface finishes that are free of heavy oxides or scales. The bright annealed final product has exceptional corrosion resistance and does not require post heat treatment pickling or grinding.
  • Open Air Anneal: Webco performs annealing in open air to create an oxidized surface finish. This oxide layer can either be left on the tubing, or it can be removed by grinding and polishing operations. The oxidized surface finish has been beneficial to some customers during forming of the tubing.

Grinding and Polishing
Webco’s manufacturing process includes the capability to grind and polish tube. These processes yield a tube with a smooth weld seam area and consistent tube body appearance.

Tube Cleanliness
Webco understands the importance of providing a tube free of harmful substances, such as chlorides or free iron, both of which can be harmful to its corrosion resistance. Manufacturing and QA personnel take care to avoid contamination of the tubing with these harmful substances.

Many customers who use Webco tube for power generation applications, such as feedwater heater tubing, require that their end products have extremely low residual chloride levels. Webco consistently conforms to and meets these and other surface finish requirements.

Our Products

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