Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Customers short on time and long on needs have always turned to Webco when they need value-added service. Webco's tubing is not limited to standard mill products.



Our one-stop manufacturing, finishing, and QA capabilities (including NDE) give customers the option to get a total solution from a single supplier, tightening turnaround times and in the process, eliminating complications sometimes associated with an additional vendor (tube bender).
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Custom Mill Lengths

Webco has one of the widest ranges of mill-cut lengths in the tubing industry. Standard mill capabilities range from 5- to 60-foot straight lengths; however, longer lengths can easily be accommodated rivaling and often surpassing our competitors' capabilities.
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Custom Packaging

Customers appreciate Webco's attention to detail when it comes to packaging. Nothing is more frustrating than receiving an important shipment only to find that it has been damaged in transit, potentially forcing costly schedule delays.
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End Formed / Swaged

Webco has unique solutions for cold-forming tubing, in particular when the diameter is required to be reduced or expanded near the end of the tube. Tooling is custom made to control specific formed diameters, transition properties and formed length.
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Webco’s carbon, copper alloy, stainless steel (austenitic and ferritic), and duplex stainless steel integral finned tubing is available in lengths up to 76 feet and ODs ranging from .625 inches to 1 inch. Value-added finning options include wall-under-fin (WUF) ranges from .049 inches to .109 inches, 19 to 28 fins per inch (FPI), heights up to .060 inches, and other custom options.
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Heat Treating

Webco offers a variety of controlled-atmosphere thermal treatments to tailor specific mechanical properties and steel microstructures. Normalizing, Stress Relieving and Bright Annealing are among our in-house capabilities.
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Precision Cutting

Webco offers a variety of custom precision cut-length capabilities, produced and delivered from strategically located value-added facilities. Tight tolerances, specific end finishes, lengths under 1 inch, and laser-cut profiles are just a few of the many services available.
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Product Availability

With Webco's many manufacturing facilities, quick-ship warehouses, and extensive partner network/supply chain, customers have instant access to specialty tubing when they need it most.
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Webco prides itself in on-time delivery. In many cases, customers turn to Webco for emergency services, and the company has made a best practice of delivering on quick turnaround requests.
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