SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma, September 10, 2018 – Webco Industries, Inc. (OTC: WEBC).

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved founder, Chairman, and patriarch, F. William Weber, at the age of 92.

Bill Weber founded Webco in 1969 with a goal of creating a vibrant company for the ages. His focus began by providing manufacturers of heat exchangers with the highest quality tubing and customer service. From that focused beginning, Bill guided Webco on a mission to create an organization that would eventually become the leading provider of pressure tubing in North America. In addition, Bill used his unwavering entrepreneurial spirit to vault Webco to a position of market leadership as a top tier manufacturer in multiple other specialty tubing niche markets, including automotive, energy and industrial applications.

Dana S. Weber, Chief Executive Officer and Bill’s daughter, said “My dad will be Forever, because Webco is a Forever type of company. Dad instilled in each of us that success is a means, not an end, and that winning is only assessed by the judgment of time.” David E. Boyer, Webco’s Chief Operating Officer added, “Through Bill’s selfless leadership, our successes have been continuously reinvested in our company and remain present today in the form of a highly engaged organization, loyal customers and suppliers, world-class technology, and all of it underpinned by a culture of abundant trust.” Michael P. Howard, Webco’s Chief Financial Officer commented, “Bill was a father to us all, teaching us the principles of life and making us all better people. Bill proactively dealt with ownership transition issues almost two decades ago, ensuring uninterrupted continuity of Webco’s business.”

Webco’s mission is to continuously build on our strengths as we create a vibrant company for the ages. We leverage on core values of trust and teamwork, continuously building strength, agility and innovation. We focus on practices that support our brand, such that we are 100% engaged every day to build a Forever kind of company for our teammates, customers, business partners, investors and community. We manufacture and distribute high-quality carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal tubular products designed to industry and customer specifications. We have five tube production facilities in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania and nine value-added facilities in Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois and Michigan, serving customers globally