Finning | Webco Industries, Inc.


Webco’s carbon, copper alloy, stainless steel (austenitic and ferritic), and duplex stainless steel integral finned tubing is available in lengths up to 76 feet and ODs ranging from .625 inches to 1 inch. Value-added finning options include wall-under-fin (WUF) ranges from .049 inches to .109 inches, 19 to 28 fins per inch (FPI), heights up to .060 inches, and other custom options.

Webco can also provide tubing with aluminum extruded, L-foot and embedded fin options.

A wide range of manufacturing, finishing and QA capabilities gives Webco customers the option to find the solutions they need from a single supplier, tightening critical turnaround times and eliminating complications sometimes associated with involving additional vendors in the process. When you need the job done the right way every time, turn to Webco.