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Webco has developed a highly specialized coiled tubing manufacturing capability to serve the steel tube umbilical (STU) industry. This capability resides within a fit-for-purpose tube making facility located in Kellyville, Oklahoma, just outside Tulsa (USA). Webco's LaserLine SD® seam welded super duplex umbilical tubing is a high strength product used in the construction of subsea umbilicals. STUs are used to control and monitor the various functions associated with managing subsea oil and gas wells located on and beneath the seabed.

Webco's LaserLine SD® umbilical tubing is produced in custom lengths per very stringent manufacturing, inspection, and testing requirements in order to satisfy the umbilical makers' and/or the oil and gas operators' specifications. Webco's umbilical tube manufacturing process includes the capability to produce the most common ID bore sizes (12.7, 19.05 and 25.4 millimeters) in DWP ratings of 5KSI, 10KSI and 15KSI DWP ratings. Other sizes are available.

Our coiled tubing capabilities/processes include:

  • Customized project-specific PITPs (Production, Inspection & Testing Plan) meeting customer/client requirements and complying with API17E / ISO 13628-5
  • Customer-approved WPS/PQR practices for bias strip, longitudinal and tube-to-tube orbital welding methods in tube construction
  • Digital radiography of all transverse welds in the final tube
  • State-of-the-art eddy current and ultrasonic testing for full body continuous flaw and sigma phase detection and wall thickness verification
  • Qualification, in-process and final testing as well as in-process and FAT hydro-testing capability up to 30KSI (207 MPa) at in-house metallurgical laboratory
  • Coil lengths provided on customer supplied metal reels up to 20 tonnes
  • Complete genealogical documentation, material test reports and data books per order and reel


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